IREALBOnce In A While (Louis)Armstrong, Armstrong, Butler 1927Medium SwingBb
IREALBOOKArmstrongClaude NougaroMedium SwingG-
IREALBBeau Koo Jack P1Hill-ArmstrongDixielandEb
IREALBBeau Koo Jack P2 chorusHill-ArmstrongMedium SwingEb
IREALBWild Man BluesJelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong (1927)Medium SwingG-
IREALBFlat FootL H Armstrong (1926)Medium SwingEb
IREALBStruttin' With Some BarbecueLillian ArmstrongMedium SwingF
IREALBGatemouthLillian Hardin Armstrong (1926)Medium SwingEb
IREALBPapa DipLillian Hardin Armstrong (1926)Medium SwingEb
IREALBSomeday (You'll Be Sorry)Louis ArmstrongMedium SwingEb
IREALBSomeday You'll Be SorryLouis ArmstrongMedium SwingEb
IREALBOOKWhat A Wonderful WorldLouis ArmstrongMedium SwingF
IREALBWhat A Wonderful World 1Louis ArmstrongMedium SwingF
IREALBI Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister KateLouis Armstrong (1919)Medium SwingEb
IREALBCornet Chop SueyLouis Armstrong (1924)Medium SwingF
IREALBPotato Head BluesLouis Armstrong (1927)Medium SwingEb
IREALBSomeday You'll Be Sorry 1Louis Armstrong (1928)Medium SwingEb
IREALBSwing That MusicLouis Armstrong, Horace Garlach 1936Medium SwingBb
IREALBPerdido Street BluesLouis Armstrong, Lillian Hardin Armstrong (1926)Medium SwingF
IREALBSunset Cafe StompLouis Armstrong, Percy Venable 1926Medium SwingBb
IREALBIrish Black BottomLouis Armstrong, Percy Venables (1926)Medium SwingF
IREALBDrop That SackLouis Armstrong, Philmore Holley (1926)Medium SwingAb
IREALBSugar Foot Stomp (Dippermouth Blues)Oliver, Armstrong, Melrose (1923)Medium SwingBb
IREALBArmstrongTrad. USChansons FrG-
IREALBBig Butter And Egg ManVenable, Armstrong 1926Medium SwingC