IREALBGone With The Wind RevAllie WrubelJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBWhen Lights Are LowBenny CarterJazz - Swing Two-FourF
IREALBDaddyBobby TroupJazz - Swing Two-FourBb
IREALBI'll Let You KnowCedar WaltonJazz - Swing Two-FourAb
IREALBI'll Let You Know Ad Lib EndCedar WaltonJazz - Swing Two-FourAb
IREALBSheCharles AznavourJazz - Swing Two-FourC
IREALBAll Of You RevCole PorterJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBIn Your Own Sweet WayDave BrubeckJazz - Swing Two-FourBb
IREALBI Got It Bad RevDuke EllingtonJazz - Swing Two-FourG
IREALBFor Heaven's Sake RevEdwards-Meyer-BrettonJazz - Swing Two-FourF
IREALBTeach Me Tonight RevGene DePaulJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBI Loves You Porgy RevGeorge GershwinJazz - Swing Two-FourF
IREALBMan I Love, The RevGeorge GershwinJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBAll The Way RevJimmy Van-HeusenJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBNightingale Sang In Berkeley Square RevManning SherwinJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBFour RevMiles DavisJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBStrong ManOscar BrownJazz - Swing Two-FourBb
IREALBIt Might As Well Be SpringRichard RodgersJazz - Swing Two-FourG
IREALBIt Might As Well Be Spring RevRichard RodgersJazz - Swing Two-FourG
IREALBLittle Girl Blue RevRichard RodgersJazz - Swing Two-FourF
IREALBMy Favorite Things - ArrRichard RodgersJazz - Swing Two-FourD-
IREALBI Have Dreamed RevRodgers-HammersteinJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBBlue Gardenia RevRussell and LeeJazz - Swing Two-FourBb
IREALBSecret Love RevSammy FainJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBNice 'n Easy RevSpence-Bergman-KeithJazz - Swing Two-FourC
IREALBDanny Boy RevTraditionalJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBDanny Boy Rev 1TraditionalJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBDanny Boy Rev 1TraditionalJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBDanny Boy Rev 2TraditionalJazz - Swing Two-FourEb
IREALBWhat A Wonderful World RevWeiss-ThieleJazz - Swing Two-FourF